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WELCOME BAGS and a Free printable

I love welcome bags. I always make them for my little ones for the meet and greet when they come to drop off their supplies and meet the teacher! I have seen lots of welcome bags in the my years of teaching. I think I got the original idea (if possible) from Dr. Jean a lonnnnng time ago.

I do not like to give Kinders a cotton ball, rubber band,  penny....ect. I want the items that I give them to be FUN and EXCITING for a 5 year old.

I do  a theme every year and this year I am doing Dr. Seuss. Target had almost everything I needed in the Dollar Spot to make my welcome bags. This year I found Dr. Seuss silly bands and added them into my bags. Last year that spot was gummies :) I always see what I can find and make my bags around that....some of the things like smarties and starburst I use every year! 

What do you need to make your very own, super cute Welcome Bags?
1. Starbust, 2. Smarties, 3. Stickers, 4. Erasers, 5. Silly Bands, 6. Small Bags this year I used the cute red crippled paper because I had recently got a gift with that was packed in it! 

You can grab this printable HERE!!!!!! (without my name of course!!!) * I will update this as soon as possible**

What do you put in your welcome bags???  I love new ideas! :)


  1. I haven't started on mine yet...don't know my grade, but as soon as I do I'll start. I know I'll include a pencil, the o-fish-ally goldfish, and magic confetti!

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  2. I cannot download this. What am I doing wrong?


  3. I am unable to download your cute freebie.

    1. Lori, I just updated the link so it should work now! :)

  4. Hey Kelly! These welcome bags are adorable and perfect for Kindergarteners. I am sure they will love getting them! As a former 1st grade teacher I always had them for Meet & Greet with a cute welcome to our class certificate in my theme (which was usually mokeys)! Target Dollar Spot always has awesome DR. SEUSS stuff in July and August, I am glad you were able to put it to use for your classroom! I love the white boards, bags, book marks, stickers, bulletin boarder, pencils, erasers, silly bands etc. They had it all this year! I usually buy it and stock pile it until March for Dr. Seuss' birthday. I'm sure your room is super cute with the Seuss theme and there are so many awesome quotes you can use too!


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