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Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Letter Game

SO I made ANOTHER lid game!!! Are you shocked?! Nope me neither! I AM in LOVE with this one! It turned out so cute! I used my Cricut to die cut the cute Palm Trees. Then I found these letters in the dollar spot at Target. They are SOOOO cute but you can use any letters you have or just use cute markers!

Then I placed the same letter on the trees that are on the lids. If you look closely you can see in this picture that the letter D is not matched up yet!  I divided the alphabet into 2 sheets of 12 by 12 paper so that there were not too many letters on one page..

AND I had a sheet of palm trees left over so I made the Chicka Chicka 123!~ How stinkin cute is this...My Friend next door...came into my room...saw this game and sat down and MADE it! I  hope you love it as much as we do! 


Are you saving lids yet?  I will post more lid games soon! I love FREE resources! 

Three for Thursday.....

My favorite font is NOT a clip art program it is for the Cricut...I loooooove my Mickey Mouse Font! It makes the letter for Kindergarten (no fancy A's here) but they are still a little bit cutsie!

My favorite blog is ....I should say From Kindergarten with Love...MY BLOG! But right now I am in love with 2 ladies


Little Miss Kindergarten

and I love my Friend Karen's Blog...IT has been a PRIVILEGE to work with her and become friends with her over the last year...She is an amazing dedicated teacher with super ideas...check her out!

Favorite online resource: This one is tricky....I love you guys so much and the wonderful ideas I get here and ON PINTEREST! I love pinterest right now. I am following some WONDERFUL people that are daily finding some of the cutest new ideas!!!!!

Where it ALL goes DOWN!

We are not back in school yet. Our students return on Sept my room is NOT done but I am getting close!

I love COLOR! My tables are color tables and the colors coordinate with the carpet squares. So if you sit at the blue sit on one of the blue squares! :)

This is going to be my writing center. I picked up these super cute containers at the Dollar Tree and then I zip tied them to the back of the book case...some cute ribbon and WOW!

I made these blends charts on my Cricut a few years ago and I LOVE them!

This is one of my favorite things to do....the blank spot under the animal is where a CLASS photo goes from the special color day! My kids are GREAT at wearing the color of the week!

I just thought I would show some of my MANY books...These ones are on display and on the top you can see the bottom of my theme books that I use as a teacher.

This is my classroom from the back corner looking towards the door! I hope you enjoyed our little tour and you will continue to BLOG HOPPIN!

I love my new pencil containers! Special Thanks to Peace love Learning for the free printable!

Teacher Tips

Nine tips for any particular order!

1. Love what you do! If you are having will the kids!
2. Be prepared....always plan more than you need.
3. Ask for help...people want to help you and other teachers are ggggreeatttt resources. (I love these blogs)
4. Be positive and surround yourself with positive teachers. I heard once to stay out of the teachers lounge. I don't think this is true...but stay out of the gossip circle. It just hurts people and your teaching.
5. Take time for yourself!
6. Learn as much as you can about your students and their families. Show them that they matter to you. Build a strong positive relationship with your families from the first day you meet them.
7. BE CREATIVE....make a mess....take a chance! Kindergarten is FUN!
8. Share a passion with the kids...what ever yours is: books, science lessons, math. Show them the true joys of learning.
9. YOU are the best teacher for your students. You may need help but you can do it! Believe in yourself and have FUN!!!!!

Hope you are having fun Blog Hoppin! I know I am! :)

Meet the Teacher Monday!

Tell us a little something about you...

Hi! My name is Kelly and I am the PROUD mom of 3 boys!  I am the crazy person behind From Kindergarten With Love! Being a teacher is my hobby! I  have gotten Lakeshore Gift Cards for Valentine's Day and was husband always get me teacher items and they are the perfect gift.  I looooooove teaching Kindergarten. It is so much fun and I am able to see  the difference daily that creativity, passion and understanding can be in a child's life!

How long have you been teaching?

I have been blessed with the last 7 years to spend my days in kindergarten! I have always taught kindergarten AND I am pretty sure that I always WILL!!!!!

You might not know...

I had my boys  young (at least 2 of them) and they showed me that teaching was my passion and were my motivation to go to college and follow my dreams. I am thankful for them each day and the life that we have as a family! I have a Master's Degree in Special  Education. I believe that each student teaches me a new set of skills and I am always looking to learn something new. I sometimes start TOO many projects and somethings don't get finished :(

We are a PROUD military family! My husband is active duty Army and we have had some wonderful adventures over the last 15 years. I am also and always will be FROM KENTUCKY! We "bleed Blue"!!!!!!
What are you looking most forward to this school year?

I love the fresh start....a clean room....and new little ones to get to know! This year I am taking on the challenge of National Board Certification so I am looking forward to working on the process and learning and growing as an educator~

What do you need to improve?
(see above)...JK...I need to finish ALL of my projects...or start less. I would love to improve on my organization at school and home! I also need to learn to trust that other people want to help and can help me with things at school!
What teaching supplies can you *not* live without?
My Cricut! I use it almost every week...sometimes daily! I love it. I love the options that it gives for my classroom.
My personal Laminator....It is great for materials that my kiddos are going to be working with because it is thicker than the lamination provided by the school.
Sharpies... I love them and Mr Sketch Markers! I love things in color! I think everyone learns more in color!
Books...I love THEM! I have  way to many and could almost be called a hoarder! I love to share my favorite stories with my students!
Colored paper...and Colored Card stock.. I use both of the these daily. I love to make my flyers and activities on cute and fun colors!!!!
Now it is YOUR turn....Hop on over to Blog Hoppin and link up your meet the teacher!

Syllable Clappers.....also known as Grabbers!

A few years ago at a local zoo we found these grabbers. Instantly my mind went to SYLLABLE clappers. They are PERFECT for teaching your students syllables because you can see and hear each of the sounds as the mouth opens. I have LOOOOOOTS of these. My students even bring them back to our classroom from vacation. All of the ones pictured below are new additions to my collections. I found them at the Virginia Safari Park, Indianapolis Zoo, Indianapolis Children's Museum, Great Wolf Lodge and the National Zoo in DC. I pair the syllable clappers with any syllable chart or students can always use this tool to help them count syllables.

What do you use to make syllable fun and easy to learn in your room?

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.....How Cute Will this Game be in YOUR room?

This super cute tray is from the Dollar Tree (I know what you are thinking... I live there....NOOO..ok well Maybe!! ) This game SCREAMS Chicka Chicka Boom Boom to me! I knew in the store that it was meant to be an alphabet game :) 

 Then I took my Cricut and I die cut letters to put on the tray and on matching letters on the  clear water bottle lids! (are you saving lids yet?) 

The Students can match the alphabet during the beginning of the school year and if a piece gets lost they are FREE to replace!!!!

The Trays come in blue and pink!!!! How CUTE!!! And Cheap!

And the winner is Kelly B from Busy in Kindergarten!

Thanks so much for all of the support during my first Give Away!  Congrats Kelly B....:

Alphabet Links! With Free Download

I love a great day....NO REALLY!! I loooovvvee a great deal! Right now at the Dollar Tree you can pick up these links!

All you need is these links (or the ones that come with most math programs) This printable that I printed on cardstock and a hole punch! You can print as many pages as you want and this is a great game for making sight words too! 

Click on this picture to grab this printable!!! 
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