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Eggcellent Words! With Free Download

I love to have my student practice their site words lots of ways. This keeps them excited but allows me to get the practice that they need to master the new words. I love Roll and Record Type games and I made one that is played the same way with an empty egg carton container.

How do you play?
1. Write the site words in the bottom of the egg carton.
2. Add 1 or 2 small pom poms that the students shake to new spots and then close the container.
3. Provide each student with a recording sheet that has the same words across the bottom.
4. The students shake the egg carton and record the words on their sheet....repeat until a word makes it to the top!

This is a sample of a completed recording sheet.

This is a printable that you can cut in half and glue to the top of your egg carton to label your game and make it a little more cute...WHO does not like CUTE??

Empty Recording sheet you can add your own words! :)  This game cost about 5 cents to exciting is that >??!?!?!?!?!??!

Vowel Tree with Free Download

This summer I saw this great idea on Pinterest from My Montessori Moments. Go the her site here!  She has  free download of the vowel tree but I did not realize that before I made my own.
This is simple way to practice word work. You can use this printable for word families, CVC words and to stretch out words. My students love seeing the word change when they slide the letters down the vowel tree. I use magnetic letters with my tree but if you do not have letters My Montessori Moments have a printable with the letters on it. 

You can grab my printable HERE!

Twist and Shout CVC word with FREE download!!!!

This summer I saw this amazing idea on Michelle's Charm World and I knew that I was going to make it!!!!! 
Here is the original post: click to go to Michelle's site 

Then I made the following cards and recording sheet to go with this fun idea!

This is the recording sheet. There are 2 versions to chose from depending on if you want to use the word family cards. 

Print, cut and put the cards into a container. The students pull out one card and read the word. Then they can twist the word with the nuts and bolts and then record the word on the sheet! 

You can grab these FREE and FUN printables HERE!

Please let me know if you love this and I will continue to add free printables on this site! :)

Magic spoon! free printable :)

I recently saw this great idea on PINTEREST.....I knew I wanted to make my own.  This is such a fun, cheap and easy center to make for word work.  Here is a sample of my version....

This center is easy to change depending on your word list AND it is very cheap. I got a box of 24 gold spoons for 3 dollars at Party City! :)

The site  TEACHER BITS AND BOB : Click here to go there  has 3 free pages of printables!!!! Thanks so much for sharing your amazing idea! :)

Shake, Rattle and Read!!! Fun and FREE Download

I was at Party City recently and they had these super fun bowls....They look like the smaller gumball containers. They were only 1 dollar and they came in fun colors!

I knew that I was going to use them for something! I quickly grabbed a few and I my mind was buzzing with ideas! I decided to do a real and nonsense game with them! 

I also found these cheap and cute foam cubes at the Dollar Tree!  I made my sheet with the colors cubes on the recording sheet. My students learned quickly that the cubes always went in the color order blue, orange, and green.  So the word above would be FUG....and a nonsense word.

You can grab this printable by clickining HERE!!!!! (I will have to update when I get home from Spring break...the file is not wanting to pull up) :(

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