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I was on vacation when the whole Blog Lovin switch happened! I was able to switch all of the blogs that I love and follow but I did not put the link up my blog with this page! :) Silly me! Anyway....I hope you will follow me on Blog Lovin....IT REALLY is so easy and I love it! I don't have to worry about missing any of my favorite bloggers! I hope to "see" you soon!

Heidi songs....EEKKK time is almost up to win!!!

I love Heidi Songs. I use them every day in my classroom and I always leave one of the sight word DVD's in my sub plans because I know my little ones are still working on their words in a fun way even when I am not with them!!!! Last summer I met Heidi (IN PERSON....LIVE....THE REAL DEAL) at the I teach K conference. 

OK enough with my crazy STALKER like post....

Earlier this week we had the VA blogger meet-up! It was great getting to meet some the VA bloggers in person!!!
Because it was Christmas in July...there were....PRESENTS!

and Heidi donated CD and DVDs for us to give away!!!! 

Lucky for you... Heidi also sent enough for us to give YOU a chance to win a CD too!!  LOVE ya, Heidi
Your time is almost up there are only 3 hours left!!!! Head on over to Karen's Blog to earn your chance at this amazzzzzzzing CD! 

Made it Monday...Mo Willems Puppets

I am teaming up with...

I am very excited to share my very first finger puppets! I had the help of a crafty friend while our little ones played together and I am SOOOOO happy with how they turned out!  These puppets cost me about 2 dollars to make and I know my little friends are going to LOOOOOOVE playing with these finger puppets!

Have you made any puppets recently? What did you make? 

2nd Annual Literacy Swap=18 New Literacy Centers!!!!

This week I had the privilege to host our 2nd Annual Literacy Swap! I was so excited and it really did feel like Christmas! So....what is a literacy swap? Each person makes their center/game 17 times and then when we leave we all have 17 new COMPLETE centers!!! **If you have any questions about the games feel free to leave a comment and I will explain the game in more detail**

All of these word works sorts and items were completely prepared! 
I can NOT wait to use them in my word work center!

Have you seen  this on Pinterest? I have...I even pinned it! NOW I have it!!! All I have to do is add the words I want my little ones to work on!

This game is so cute and I know my students will love it! This will be a great addition to the vowel sorts when we start working on them..... I also love it a little bit extra because she made it into a lid game and we all know how much I love lids!!!!

This snake game as already been tested and APPROVED by my 3 year old! He loved that he could look for the snakes in grass! Do you see how she wrote the sight words on the snakes? AND she provided us with 2 different levels....seriously HOW cute is this game and MY little man! 

We love tong games. They are so great for fine motor and my students love them.
 With these cute little tongs I know this game will be a hit!

Syllables can be a little tricky so the more practice the better! 

This fishing game came complete with POND, FISHING POLE AND FISH! How much fun will my students have with this...oh and this was tested and approved by little guy too! 

I love the idea of my students up and moving during centers. They will love this sort game but really this golf game could used for anything that has 2 different ways to sort. It is a little hard to see but she glued 2 cans together with clothes pins on top to show where they have to put the ball when they pick a card. 

Another item that I have pinned and never made were these paint bags! NOW I have them TOOO! Ohhhh and the hands belong to a teacher that was a little rough trying out her new center...she ripped the bag!!!

This teacher is the only one who does not work in my county! 
We met through blogging! I love the beginning sound space sort! 

CHECK out this...haha...I crack myself up! I love that she used vinyl to die cut the letters for the checkers. They stick on great and I can't wait to use this!

Guess who sight words!!!! WHAT......HOW much fun will this be? Does your words have a "t" etc....every teacher quickly opened this box and  was excited to try this out! 

This is my friend Karen from Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten 
and she made the cutest little ice creams to sort with the most adorable monkey plates!

This is me and my Beginning, Middle and Ending buses....these are available in my TPT store here and they are currently on SALE!!! I also made the Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Trees with vinyl. Each person got a set of upper case letters to match up!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU for another amazzzzzzzing swap! I am already planning the next one....MATH GAMES Anyone?!?!

VA Blogger Meet Up ........ SOOOOO soon! Are you ready? Are you excited to meet some of your fellow VA Bloggers?!!? I know we are!!!

Karen and I are SO excited to announce our 2nd Annual Virginia Blogger Get-Together!  We had a blast last summer, and can't wait to do it again!!  This year we'll be celebrating Christmas in July... so you're welcome to bring a $5 gift to swap (if you wish!).  We'll be doing a "white elephant" style exchange, so bring  or make something to surprise your fellow bloggers. And, yes, we're in northern VA, so DC and MD bloggers are welcome to join us too!!   (Adorable graphics by Ashley Hughes)  Feel free to snag the image above!
Psssttt....Don't tell anyone but I heard there will be PRIZES!!!!!

Beginning, Middle AND End Busess

If  you are like me you have ALOT of things! I buy things at the teacher store, make them myself and buy them off Teachers Pay Teachers ALL the time!  That is not the problem (well kinda to my husband who thinks we could retire early if I would STOP spending so much $$$ on my classroom)

The PROBLEM is the STORAGE! Where do you store all of your games and centers? Good question huh? Well... I don't  have the answer. :( HOWEVER, I do have one simple solution. You can find a way to use the same game in more than one way!

This is where the BEGINNING, MIDDLE AND END busses come into my classroom. This ONE set of center cards can be used at different times of the year to meet all of these standards!!!


This set includes 20 different cards and can be picked up in my TPT store on Sale for the next 10 day!!!! 

 Here is the link to my TPT store.


I am giving this away to the first 3 people that comment!!!!! GO! Make sure you leave your email address! 

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