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100th day of Kindergarten Shirts

We celebrated the 100th day of school a few  weeks ago and I was SOOOOO impressed with my families and the creativity that they showed with their shirts! I took a few pictures to share with you! 

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A few weeks ago I got together with 15 of my county's amazing kindergarten and first grade teachers including Karen Stamp from

 We did a lid challenge and center swap! Everyone had to make an activity or game out of lids and they had to make 15 of each of them so we could all leave the session with 15 new ideas!!!

Last week, Leilani shared her President's Day lid game! ( how cute was that?)!! This week I am sharing my friend and colleagues Brittany's super cute donut game! ( the title makes more sense)

This donut number center is really 3 number activities in one. The first one is number word making with the number. The second activity is number order 1-30 and the last one is filling in the missing numbers.

To make this number center all you need is this printable and 30 lids. We used soda bottle lids or white water bottle lids!  You can grab this printable for free in my TPT store here!

Are you collecting lids yet?!? I think you should be if you are not because over the next few weeks I am going to share with you about 15 more things you can do with lids for FREE or almost free!

Who Wants to WIN???? President's Day and A little Pete the Cat from Leilani's Guest Blog

I love a great give away....simply follow this blog, follow Leilani's TPT store and leave a comment. We will  then randomly select 3 winners and the PRESIDENT GAME AND PETE RETELLING BRACELET WILL BE YOURS! ALL YOURS!!!!

 Hi! I am Leilani and I have gotten the pleasure to work with Kelly and attend her S.H.A.R.E. (Staff Have Awesome Resources for Each Other)  class. Kelly and Karen Stamp recently hosted a class at the beginning of the month. The theme of the class was to create a "fun" educational game using any type of lids. It was AMAZING!! It was wonderful to hang out with a bunch of creative teachers who are willing to go the extra miles to help their students learn in ways that they will enjoy over and over. Who would of thought that you could create so many educational games using a simple lid of any kind. We left our exchange with 18 new games made from lids....and many of them will be posted here in the next few make sure you check back!

    I love making teaching fun for educators and learning fun for students  The game that I created was a George Washington and Abraham Lincoln lid game.  This is what the game board looks like. I put one of five facts about each president in each star. 

This is what it looks like. (sorry it's sideways)
  The game pieces are simple. I just made circle little Lincolns and Washington's. I laminated mine, cut them out, and hot glued them on water bottle lids.

The object of the game is to match the President with their fact. (example: "Father of our Country" George Washington) Ta-da..see how simple this is to make. The possibilities are endless!!
 I also have a Teachers Pay Teachers store and have posted this game on it. Feel free to come and visit. Not only do I have this game but I have also made story retelling bracelets. My recent story retelling bracelet is Pete the Cat I love my White Shoes by James Dean and Eric Litwin. Here is a peek at my Pete the Cat Story bracelet.:

     I wanted a cute and fun way for the kids to retell the stories we read in class so I created these. I also have done other stories. If are you interested please feel free to drop by my Teachers Pay Teachers store
Well, I hope you enjoyed my post. I'd like to thank Kelly for letting me be a guest on her blog. 
Remember, teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning. Have a wonderful day!

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