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Spring is HERE and I get to teach LIFE CYCLES!!!!!

I love the spring and I love to teach the life cycle of the frog, butterfly and flower! I started today with the life cycle of the Butterfly! This year instead of doing just a recording butterfly journal I recreated our journal to make it more science inquiry based! The large blank spaces are where I added lines for my students. (We use Handwriting Without Tears)! I will post LOTS more butterfly activities over the next few days!

**** I will repost the journal. I am having technical difficulties ****

Classroom Displays

I love to see what other classrooms look like and what teachers decide to post on their walls. I do not set up my room the same every year and I LOVE a theme room. I have done Dr. Seuss, Ocean, and this year I did "Our Story Starts Here" with Toy Story!

I am going to take some more pictures of my classroom before the end of the year! But here is a few that I have so far......
This year our sight words are divided into color list! I  cut a plastic popcorn container (from the dollar spot at Target) in half and then diecut the sight words with my cricut! I used the Mickey Mouse Font! This is my favorite font for Kindergarten!

This is a look of several of the list. I just covered up the front of my cabinets and added one word at a time!

This is our 3D word wall. Each student was assigned 1 letter and then we hung what they brought in on the added the word. This is one more way to get a print rich enviroment for read/write the room.

This is the 3 D word wall of the teacher that is next door to me!!!!

These are the same POPCORN words but they are on colored circle (coconuts) on the outside of the bathroom door!

Counting up to the 100 th day of school. Every year I use something new....this year it was ants!

Atttendance Stars! I got these cute/cheap magnets at the dollar tree!

At the beginning of the school year I ask parents to send in 10 food labels. I then sorted them by alphabetical order and placed them in a sheet protector (so I can add more later) as they came in! These are on the back of my classroom door. This is a great place for my students to look for words during READ THE ROOM CENTER!


Hi! Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions!!!


Hi! I am a kindergarten teacher and I LOVE it! Kindergarten is such a special place and  I feel lucky to spend my days in Kindergarten. I am new (and STILL learning) this whole blogging process. I love to share my ideas with other teacher and I am always looking for my next project...
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