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Must read books

I had a SNoWDaY this week and I enjoyed every minute!!! I used some of my extra time looking on Pinterest and I found this pin.....

It was titled 100 books that you should read before Kindergarten!

I have 3 year old that is my world and a huge  book lover. As a book lover myself and I consider myself to have a very nice library in my classroom.....I wondered....what was on this list!?!

After reading the list....some I agree with others.....I would replace with other favorites. I wondered what would you say is your 10 MUST read books each year?!?! Yes, I know we love way more than 10 books and this will be hard for a true book lover :)

Here are 10 of my favorite books ( in no special order)
1. Pete the little ones love this book/song
2. Doug's colorful day... My son loves this one
3. Are You My Mother?!?... My 16 yr old 'read' this every day at 2!!
4. Owen... Such a sweet story
5. Mrs Wishy Washy... It is fun to say and read!
6. Dr Seuss .... I saw it on Mulberry Street
7. There was old lady....any/all
8. Wide Mouth Bull Frog..pop up version
9. The Jacket I wear in the snow
10. Harold B Wigglebottom :)

300 followers GIVE AWAY.....did someone say prizes?!?!

I have recommitted to this blog for the 2013 year. I am trying to post every far so eehh good?!?!

I am excited----so excited to have 300 followers (almost) and I wanted to give away my new monster CVC word packet. This packet also includes sound boxes for decoding and......

.......... probably my favorite part a super cute finger puppet!  I found these adorable finger puppets on Etsy and I had to order them for my teacher friends. I love them. They are found in the BubbleGumMonkey store and Ashley is so nice...she quickly whipped up 50 of these for me!!!! You can find a link to her store

So here is the good part...this item is  available on my TPT HERE(and is one sale for one week)...but you can grab it for free along with a free monster puppet to help  your little friends to decode CVC words. All you have to do is...
1. Follow this blog! (I chance to win)
2. Leave a comment....
3. If you blog about this on YOUR blog I will send you the TPT file for FREE!!! (comment with link)
4. Stop by Ashley's page and follow her shop and you get 1 extra chance to win! (make 2 comments)

I will do a random number drawing on March 10!!!!   I will chose at least 3 winners... tell your friends because....more comments...and I will chose----- MORE winners!!!! 
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