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Must read books

I had a SNoWDaY this week and I enjoyed every minute!!! I used some of my extra time looking on Pinterest and I found this pin.....

It was titled 100 books that you should read before Kindergarten!

I have 3 year old that is my world and a huge  book lover. As a book lover myself and I consider myself to have a very nice library in my classroom.....I wondered....what was on this list!?!

After reading the list....some I agree with others.....I would replace with other favorites. I wondered what would you say is your 10 MUST read books each year?!?! Yes, I know we love way more than 10 books and this will be hard for a true book lover :)

Here are 10 of my favorite books ( in no special order)
1. Pete the little ones love this book/song
2. Doug's colorful day... My son loves this one
3. Are You My Mother?!?... My 16 yr old 'read' this every day at 2!!
4. Owen... Such a sweet story
5. Mrs Wishy Washy... It is fun to say and read!
6. Dr Seuss .... I saw it on Mulberry Street
7. There was old lady....any/all
8. Wide Mouth Bull Frog..pop up version
9. The Jacket I wear in the snow
10. Harold B Wigglebottom :)

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