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March Magic of the Leprechaun


What do you do to bring magic into your classroom? I love sharing joy, excitement and magic with students.  This year, I am bringing a little more magic into my classroom with centers that are easy to create and FUN for my students. 

This center is super easy to put together. 
1. print the rainbow paper
2. add salt of sand 
3. add sight word list (rainbow ones are magical)


We are also using PLAYDOH!!! Not just any playdoh but GREEN to make it a little bit more magical. I also added some super simple and CHEAP  cookie cutters.

Rolling playdoh is SO great for fine motor skills. I love these cards, Students can use this a model on how to roll each letter. This is a great alternative to using playdoh stampers. 

I could not find green sand (hello small town)  Did you know you can dye salt?!?!?!  Look how beautiful it turned out! 


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