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Meet the Teacher Monday....10 Things about Me!

 1. I am a military wife. My husband of 17 years is in the Army. Our travels have led us to wonderful people and amazing things! It has been a great journey....of course there have been obstacles (deployments and TDY's) but I am a very proud military spouse with an awesome guy on my arm.  This was taken in Arizona when I was pregnant with our little one!
2. We  have 3 wild and wonderful boys! They are almost 17 and 15.....oh and 3 1/2. 
3. I am already starting to be devastated at the THOUGHT that my oldest will be a senior this year. How did this happen? But how cute   handsome and grown up is he in his senior pictures....
4. I love to use my Cricut and my Sillouette to cut Vinyl...yep I am pretty sure I have an issue. I may need an intervention...
5. I am a lucky girl that gets to teach with an amazzzzzing group of teachers. I love my team! I love how fun and crazy they are...and how dedicated to our little ones they are. I am very, very, lucky!
6. I hate things that are related to out doors....camping, fishing etc....TOO Bad my boys are ALL in love with that. :(

7. I spend wayyyyyy too much money on my classroom!  Uhmmm I really do! I have had parents even point it out! :)
8. I am teaching my first class for SDE this fall and I am very nervous and SUPER excited!  I will be at the
Virginia Kindergarten Conference in November!
9. I believe in making a difference! I live by this! I started a group centered around is my amazing team (teachers and families) at a local county autism Walk!   Yes! This is ALL 4 of my Haynes Boys in this photo too! 
10. I have had the HONOR of participating in several honor flights for WWII Veterans. There is nothing more powerful than seeing a Veteran see their memorial in Washington DC for the first time! It is amazing! Here is a photo from one of those times! 

They were So excited that we were there cheering for them! What a blessing! 

CHEAP, EASY and CUTE Teacher Shirts....made for less than $5

My team is AMAZZZING! I say it all of the time and I really mean it! I love that they are so creative, fun and willing to do just about anything to make learning fun for our little ones.

One thing we love to do is to make new shirts to wear to school. Here are a few of my favorites from last year!

I HEART Fall! This one is so cute because of the apple heart is made from glitter vinyl...AND who does not love glitter. We wore these shirts in the fall and to our fall field trip!

Color Days.... We have 9 team members on our K team (6 teachers and 3 TA's) One of the teachers bought all 9 colored shirts for all 9 of us at the SAME time...because they were 2 dollars each. Can you imagine what her cart looked like at Michael's (They are already kinda small) ? I am sure people thought she was a  little nuts! :)  These were made with white iron on vinyl and a Mickey Mouse Font on the Cricut.

Popcorn Word..... THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!!! I love this shirt! We have a few more words to add to this shirt so it is a work in progress. This was made with yellow iron on and red glitter iron vinyl!

100th day...Each of us made a different monster...100 googly eyes and black iron vinyl!

Dr. Seuss....How cute is this??? We made this shirt in honor of his big day...OF COURSE we LOVE the good Dr. in Kindergarten!  I used my Cameo to make this and downloaded the Dr. Seuss font! This was made from red and white iron on vinyl.

Peace, Love and K.....YES we tie dyed these our selves! We are a little crazy! Then we used the Cricut to cut the letters.

Our principal even asked if our goal was to make enough shirts that we could wear them everyday of the school year.... Sounds good to me...What kind of shirts do you make? We might need a few ideas! 

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