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CHEAP, EASY and CUTE Teacher Shirts....made for less than $5

My team is AMAZZZING! I say it all of the time and I really mean it! I love that they are so creative, fun and willing to do just about anything to make learning fun for our little ones.

One thing we love to do is to make new shirts to wear to school. Here are a few of my favorites from last year!

I HEART Fall! This one is so cute because of the apple heart is made from glitter vinyl...AND who does not love glitter. We wore these shirts in the fall and to our fall field trip!

Color Days.... We have 9 team members on our K team (6 teachers and 3 TA's) One of the teachers bought all 9 colored shirts for all 9 of us at the SAME time...because they were 2 dollars each. Can you imagine what her cart looked like at Michael's (They are already kinda small) ? I am sure people thought she was a  little nuts! :)  These were made with white iron on vinyl and a Mickey Mouse Font on the Cricut.

Popcorn Word..... THIS IS MY FAVORITE!!!! I love this shirt! We have a few more words to add to this shirt so it is a work in progress. This was made with yellow iron on and red glitter iron vinyl!

100th day...Each of us made a different monster...100 googly eyes and black iron vinyl!

Dr. Seuss....How cute is this??? We made this shirt in honor of his big day...OF COURSE we LOVE the good Dr. in Kindergarten!  I used my Cameo to make this and downloaded the Dr. Seuss font! This was made from red and white iron on vinyl.

Peace, Love and K.....YES we tie dyed these our selves! We are a little crazy! Then we used the Cricut to cut the letters.

Our principal even asked if our goal was to make enough shirts that we could wear them everyday of the school year.... Sounds good to me...What kind of shirts do you make? We might need a few ideas! 


  1. When I taught, I just made our team V neck purple shirts. We would wear them whenever we did a whole team rotation day with each others classes. That way students and parents knew who were the paid staff. I would even collect them afterwards, wash and store. Then if staff changed we still had shirts and were ready to go at minutes notice.

    1. That is funny! It is tricky when someone leaves because we want to wear a certain shirt but we are not sure who has it on team :(

  2. I never thought about making shirts! Fun idea. Although at our small school with only PreK and K, that would be two teachers only. It would be cheap though ;)

    1. Smaller teams could make MORE shirts!!!! I love teachers shirts!


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