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VA Blogger Meet Up ........ SOOOOO soon! Are you ready? Are you excited to meet some of your fellow VA Bloggers?!!? I know we are!!!

Karen and I are SO excited to announce our 2nd Annual Virginia Blogger Get-Together!  We had a blast last summer, and can't wait to do it again!!  This year we'll be celebrating Christmas in July... so you're welcome to bring a $5 gift to swap (if you wish!).  We'll be doing a "white elephant" style exchange, so bring  or make something to surprise your fellow bloggers. And, yes, we're in northern VA, so DC and MD bloggers are welcome to join us too!!   (Adorable graphics by Ashley Hughes)  Feel free to snag the image above!
Psssttt....Don't tell anyone but I heard there will be PRIZES!!!!!


  1. So great to meet you this afternoon! I had so much fun getting to know everyone! :)

    Sliding Into Second Grade

    1. You too!!!!! I am very glad you came and we got to meet!


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