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Step-by-step Printing on Burlap!

Hi all! My name is Brittany! I teach with Kelly and share her passion for making things for CHEAP! :) I was asked to do a guest-post to teach everyone how to print from your home printer on burlap, or any fabric! 

First of all, I will admit... I am obsessed with burlap lately!!! I have been so inspired by all of the cute things on Pinterset!

Being pretty crafty, I figured I would make these myself, for next to nothing! Here is how I did it...

1. You will need your fabric, FREEZER paper (not wax paper!), an iron,  scissors, an 8.5 x 11" piece of paper, a pencil, an inkjet printer, and a little inspiration!

2. Rip off a large sheet of freezer paper. Trace and cut so your freezer paper is exactly 8.5 x 11".

3. Cut out a similarly sized piece of fabric. Place your freezer paper SHINY SIDE DOWN onto your fabric. Iron on the highest setting just until the paper begins to stick (make sure your iron is dry, with no steam, or the paper will get soggy!). 

4. Cut around your piece of freezer paper so that the fabric is exactly the same size. Do NOT peel off the freezer paper; that's what will help your printer feed it through evenly!

5. Create whatever design you would like to print on your computer. I used Microsoft Word, but any program you can print with, will work!

6. Insert your 8.5 x 11" piece of fabric/freezer paper into your printer, just like normal paper. Make sure you know which side it will print on (I recommend doing a test run on paper!) I have an Epson All-In-One inkjet printer. I imagine it will print the same on any inkjet, but have not tested any others. Please print at your own risk! I personally have not had any problems with jamming or anything else, but it is always a possibility!

7. Click "Print" on your computer... and be amazed! I left all print settings the same as normal, but you can change the quality to "best" for a heavier ink saturation, if you wish and if you have it as an option.

8. Enjoy!

I have been creating quite a few of these since I figured out the process! They make SUPER CUTE personalized wedding gifts, classy prints for kitchens and bathrooms... and the best thing is you are only limited by what you can create on your computer! Happy CHEAP crafting!!! :)


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    1. Brittany too....I have to say it is adorable!!! I am in love with my read sign!

  2. Wow!That is really faboulous.Is that special paper?

    James from

    1. This is a type of fabric. It is very cheap and most stores that sell fabric should sell it!

  3. Hi Kelly, Please remove my shop and my pics from this post. I contacted the owner of this blog several days ago and my info is still on here.

    1. I am shocked that you would not want more people to come to your store. I am sure you have more visitors because of this post but of course we will remove you link and photos!!!!

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