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I spy....

A few months ago I talked about these great gumball container bowls from Party City. Click here to see this post!!! I also used the same containers to make the cute....I SPY bottles! 

These were simple and CHEAP to make! 
1. I looked around my classroom for items I already had.
2. Pick about 10-15 items for your container.
3. Take indiviual pictures of each item (like the duck below)
4. Fill your I SPY bottle with something to hide the items. 
I used egg noodles instead of rice because I was making
this for my 2 year old and I wanted it to be light.
5. Glue the edges of your container closed.
6. HAVE FUN!!!

I am going to make some Alphabet ones for my classroom! I know the kids will love them. The fun shape of the bowl it easy to hold and fun to shake!

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