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Shake, Rattle and Read!!! Fun and FREE Download

I was at Party City recently and they had these super fun bowls....They look like the smaller gumball containers. They were only 1 dollar and they came in fun colors!

I knew that I was going to use them for something! I quickly grabbed a few and I my mind was buzzing with ideas! I decided to do a real and nonsense game with them! 

I also found these cheap and cute foam cubes at the Dollar Tree!  I made my sheet with the colors cubes on the recording sheet. My students learned quickly that the cubes always went in the color order blue, orange, and green.  So the word above would be FUG....and a nonsense word.

You can grab this printable by clickining HERE!!!!! (I will have to update when I get home from Spring break...the file is not wanting to pull up) :(


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