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More Lid Games

Each year I put a LARGE empty container in the front of my room! My students bring in lids and then based on the lids they bring me I create games for my classroom. Lids are FREE and easy for little hands to manipulate them.

Before I create games with the lids, we have a math lesson with them. We count them, sort them, graph, compare, ect....
Gumball Game: 1 piece of 12 x 12 paper, lamination scraps, alphabet photos sticker (mine are from Lakeshore) and the alphabet letters written on lids! To make the game a little easier I matched the paper gumball to the color of the lid. (some kids did not need to know this trick for helping them with beginning sounds)

Close up of Gameball game!

So you know the trash that is left after you pass out stickers????? NOW you have a great way to use that too! I just save that and then I used lids for the students to build sight words!!!! FREE again!!!

This is a SIMPLE game to make.....all you need is this printout and some lids!!! I made my version an upper case to lower case match up but you could do many different things with this games (lower to lower, picture to lower, and upper to lower) Have fun!You can GRAB this printable by clicking on the picture!

This game is made out of MILK lids but you can use any lids that are little bit larger...I made this for all of the blends that do in Kindergarten!!!! So cute and so easy! Grap the printable by clicking on the picture!

 This literacy activity is made out of soda lids. I did all of the lifecycles that we study in Kindergarten and I matched the text color to the color of the lids just in case they got mixed up. The lid serves the purpose as the period at the end of the sentence and the studetns read the sentence and place the correct picture at the end of the sentence!!!!

You can get these suppppppper cute lifecycle stickers on Oriental Trading and many other sticker sites. They come in packs of 100 so you can share with all of your friends.

This game is called OREO WORDS! I had a large amount of brown lids so I made this template to go with all of the 2 letters words that I was working on! You can grab this printable by clicking on the PICTURE!

This game is made out of water bottle lids (the clear ones) I matched the color of the sharpie to the color of the paper. Then I made lots of different versions of "What's Missing" You can grab this printable by clicking on the PICTURE!

This game is made of clear lids (like pringles lids)! All I did was write the words on the lids and then cut the lid into puzzles. I made each cute a little different so that they would only fit with the correct other half!


  1. These are super cute activities! I can't wait to start collecting the lids. Thanks for sharing!


  2. CUTE CUTE CUTE as always... THANKS Kelly!!
    Karen :o)
    Mrs. Stamp's Kindergarten

  3. Wow!! What great ideas! I'm going to start collecting lids right away! Thanks for sharing!

    Color Me Happy in Kindergarten

  4. oh my gosh. these are AWESOME! thanks for sharing! now i have another use for all those lids i've got in my class. :)

  5. Thanks---I have a TON of these lids (saved for another purpose), and now I have a few more things to do with them! Thanks for sharing! :)


  6. Finally, a use for MY LIDS!!
    Thanks so much!

  7. Wow, super cute ideas!!! Love them! :)

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