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I loooovee school supplies...yep it is true...I have a serious problem! Look at these STEALS oops I mean deals I got today for 75 cents!  Staples is having a 1 cent special. If you are a classroom teacher you can get 25 of each item. SO I got 25 packs of index cards (to be donated to another teacher) 25 packs of highlighters (to butter our popcorn words) and 25 packs of pencils (because my students seem to eat pencils) for 75 Cents! That is not a typo, all of this for 75 cents!

So RUN don't walk this sale ends on Wednesday!!! And yes I will be ready with my ad on Sunday to see what is next week's specials!! :)


  1. My Kdg. co-workers and I just got in on this deal today, too! The cashier that checked us out was so sweet and joking about teachers and their supplies. He thought it was funny that teachers get so excited! :) Gotta love a great deal! I'm donating some of our pencils and index cards to our upper hall teachers.

    Lil' Country Kindergarten

  2. You have to LOVE that sale... If you are feeling lucky you should hop on over and join the dice linky party and join the giveaway!

  3. I know!!!! I almost have a hoarding problem when it comes to school supplies. My teammates....come to the "store" in my supply closet all the time!

  4. That is an awesome sale! It is so hard to find discount school supplies.

  5. Back to school supplies shopping is "the most wonderful time of the year!"


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