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Run Run as Fast as you can.... I LOOOVEE the Gingerbread Man

The gameboards are from the Dollar Tree! We just took the little pieces and wrote the sight word on the back and then wrote the same sight word on the board. They pull a piece, read the word and place the item in the hole! 

This is the tree version of this game!

Everyone loves this fun science experiment. I started with this Little Debbie Cookie. 

Each Student drew what he looked like before he was in the water and what he looked like after we placed him the water. We predicted what we would thought would happen. 


  1. Hey There! I love your blog and all the great ideas you share. As a Thank-you, I have nominated you for an award.

    Alyssa @

  2. Kelly, Love your blog.
    What font do you use for outlining your text boxes. I love the dotted curved edges . I am just learning to make my own worksheets. Someday I'll get proficient.

  3. Wintaka~ I LOOOOVE power point. I insert a shape, then I chose the border (where you can change the color of the shape, size of the lines, ect...) one of the options is a dot dot dot lines....:) I email you one if you want to play around with it! :)


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