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Teacher Appreciation Week!

I love being a teacher and this week is always a fun week! The school I work does an amazing job of making us feel special. I am going to share a few of my favorite gifts from this year!!!!

  1. a candle with the sign "you are "SCENTsational teacher"
  2. a bag of chips that has a label "I can always count on you to chip in and help"
  3. a container of spice "You add spice to our classroom/school"
  4. it was a de"LIGHT"to have you as my teacher (on a candle)
**** it is only Tuesday so I am sure more will be coming****

I did find this website that I love that has reallllllly cute ideas. When MY little man is in KINDERGARTEN I will be ready! I love to make crafts like this!

If you have any cute ideas PLEASE share them!!!!

I am off to make some teacher gifts for one of my friends DAUGHTERS on my CRICUT!!! I love it too!

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  1. I knew you had a gift 10 years ago when we taught together in the church Chapel. You are amazing!! I'm so jealous of the parents who get to have you for their children. There is a special place in heaven for teachers who truly love their job like you!!


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