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Fine Motor Skills? YES Please!

As a kindergarten teacher, I have seen a wide variety of students come through my classroom doors for the last 14 years. I have had students who could read, students who did not even recognize their name, students that could add/subtract as fast as any grown up I know, students who had never used technology and students who could already program with technology!

BUT one thing I have noticed is that their fine motor skills are WEAK. They complain if we have to color in a picture that their hands hurts. They don't like to write, color or draw. 

Normally, I do lots of non-academic fine motor centers at the beginning of the year----like lacing cards, snap cubes, clothes pins sorting and manipulatives.  The last 2 years I have kept fine motor centers going ALL year. My kids love them and I love that I am building the muscles they need to be successful. 

Here are some my favorites from this year.
screws and bolts---These are CHEAP and easy to find. I am going to get some REALLLLLLY big ones soon for them because---well because WHY not!?

My students love building flower shapes. I found them on WISH. Have you ever shopped there for your classroom? I find some great things there including these mini peg boards.

My favorite new FINE motor center this year is this simple soap dish that I found at the Dollar Tree. They come in 2 sizes and my kiddos love using the glittery pony beads and tongs to cover the shape.

And now that the school year is almost 1/2 way over I wanted to add an academic twist to this center. I used Perler Beads, large Perler Bead boards and the sight word cards (you can download these for free) 

Do you want these fun sight sight word cards to use in your classroom? You can down load them here on my TPT store. I would love for you to leave feedback. What are your favorite fine motor centers----I would love some new ideas for my kinders.

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